What is the most unfair advantage a person can have?

Being born to the right parents.

This single coincidence tends to make more of a difference to a persons’ life than any other factor, including whatever efforts the person himself makes to try to improve his lot.

Who your parents happen to be has a tremendous impact on a huge range of things that shape just about everything in your life to a huge degree.

  • It determines if you’re born in Sweden or in Somalia
  • The genes they gave you determines whether you’ll be tall, intelligent and handsome or short, stupid and ugly.
  • The genes also play a big role in whether or not you’ll be healthy, whether or not you’re likely to get a long list of diseases.
  • If your parents are kind, compassionate and nurturing your start in life will be very different from if they’re cold, inconsiderate or abusive.
  • The hobbies and interests they have in many cases have a lifelong influence on your own hobbies and interests.
  • Their wealth and their income determines what material standard of living you’ll have for the first 20 – 25 years of your life, and in fact often for your entire life. (in most cases lazy sons of multimillionaires end up better off than hardworking daughters of slum-dwellers)
  • They more or less entirely decide who is important in your life for your first 5 years. Such early formative relationships are very important for a child’s development.
  • They determine what quality education you’ll get, this depends on their wealth, where they happen to live, and their priorities. You as a young child have low influence on all of this.

I’m not at all saying that it’s hopeless to get ahead in life if you had a bad start. What I’m saying is that having the right parents means getting to play life on “easy” mode, while having the wrong parents makes everything a whole lot more difficult.


One thought on “What is the most unfair advantage a person can have?

  1. I have to totally agree with you

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